First Light

First light is good for the soul.

And excellent for tea cosy photography.

Wonder Weave is off to Nundle Woollen Mill as part of an exhibition.

Yes. More exhibitions!

And I will be there too for a week in May to say hello and play knitting with anyone who will play with me.

Click on photos to embiggen.

Post Script:
Prompted by Wendy the Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Weave pattern is in WTC. The 'wonder' bit is that the 'weave' is woven through garter stitch knitting. Wicked!


Hamlet & Co said…
That one's mad - but in a good way.
So you're weaving now?
boogirl said…
A true modern tartan number. I love it!

And how big is that pom pom?!?! Do you think you could make another one even bigger?
Monika said…
Your tea cozies are dressed better than I am. This one's first "Wow" and than "giggle". :o)
mem said…
She looks like a very cute and slightly wacky highland dancer.

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