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Hey Nicole! Look at your pots!

Looking forward to your home coming.


Train Knitting

Hey Kooka! Watcha doing boy!

Anyone knit on the train?

I knit on the train. The train trip from my town to the big city where I work is a LERNG one. Longer than travelling by car.

But I get to KNIT. And talk to people who wonder at me knitting, and say so, pontificating on how few people knit THESE DAYS. I just want to shoo them on over here to blogland.

Are we a secret society of blogging knitters? Or have they just not been paying attention.

And knitting SOCKS! "My mother used to knit socks for the soldiers during the war." Dear dear!

There is nothing for it but to rally knitters everywhere to catch the train - and KNIT.

Red lacey socks.

And tea cosies of course.

Post Script: The National Gallery of Australia SHOP display is now UP! It went up last Friday. Sorry sorry sorry to those who were bumstered there too early. But ruley truly - it is there now.

Simple Pleasures - Never Too Late

I just love it when people show me their cosies. And tell me their stories. This beaut story came this week with pictures.

One of the ladies in our office expressed a wish to learn to knit. She is in her thirties and had never learnt. So six of us have been meeting every week or so. We dusted off our knitting needles; found some very old fashioned knitting patterns (complete with dashing 1980’s style male models), and re-acquainted ourselves with knit, purl and drop one (or two or three).

I was given the Wild Tea Cosies for Christmas – a special request. It’s amazing how every individual will be attracted to a different pattern in the book. Our learner chose the NightCap pattern because it is garter stitch and she liked the blue, purple and red in the photo. We had a trip to our local yarn store (Threads and More).

Our learner was very concerned that a blue tea cosy would not match her kitchen, so we encouraged her to choose her favourite yarn to fit the kitchen. She chose the apple g…

Tiger. TIger. Tiger.

You don't really think that a chuck under the chin will distract me from this indignity do you!

Eighteen years I've been on this planet. EIGHTEEN YEARS! And STILL so much to endure.

If you don't take this thing off my head NOW I cannot be held responsible for injuries to your face.

From us: Tiger Tiger. Please can we visit again. We promise to be good and keep our tea cosies to ourselves. Aw gawn. You know you luv uz.

The Evolution of Turkish Delights

Gees Oi loike my Knit Trolley. Once the wool for a project is chosen there isn't much need to get out of my large leather lounge chair with extendable foot rest. "Hey Jules. Where's that cuppa tea you promised!" Everything I need is right there beside me, even the bunny voodoo doll, holder of favourite fine knitting needles.

This latest Turkish Delight is off to Nundle Woollen Mill with the rest - as will I be - soon.

Wool Addiction Wins Me Over

When you buy wool from Wool Addiction it comes like this, all wrapped up like a present. All wrapped up like THREE presents. One of these presents I didn't even order. It was a surprise. A bonus. Free.

Wrapped up in this parcel is the affinity the Woolly Woman at WA have with us. They are on the same wave length, in tune with, in the groove with. They get it. They understand man.

Well of course they do. What am I rabbiting on about. They wouldn't be doing what they do if they weren't.

Anyway thanks Jill and Sheila for all your patience and help. It must have felt like a week's work helping me decide what I wanted.

And look how they came. Gees that was a treat to open up.

First Light

First light is good for the soul.

And excellent for tea cosy photography.

Wonder Weave is off to Nundle Woollen Mill as part of an exhibition.

Yes. More exhibitions!

And I will be there too for a week in May to say hello and play knitting with anyone who will play with me.

Click on photos to embiggen.

Post Script:
Prompted by Wendy the Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Weave pattern is in WTC. The 'wonder' bit is that the 'weave' is woven through garter stitch knitting. Wicked!

Roses and Guerrilla Acts of Exuberance

A friend is getting married. It is not her first marriage. She has been on the planet almost as long as me and there is no need for the usual help-set-up-home type presents. Indeed she/they have requested "no presents". But one cannot turn up to a wedding empty handed. So here is my little gift, all knitted up with love and joy and best wishes for married life together. I have every confidence they will succeed. They have been practicing marriage with each other for at least a decade, perhaps more.

Click on photo to embiggen

Yes there are two here. The top one is made with Jo Sharp Aran Tweed, I think, the label is long gone. The flowers are made with Nundle 8ply. The second cosy is bigger and all made with Nundle 8ply wool. This pattern is in Wild Tea Cosies but can also be found for free here.

This morning I woke to this Guerrilla Act of Exuberance. Gawn. Avalook.

REALLY Wild Tea Cosies

Signed, sealed and delivered - a brand new contract with a brand new publisher for a brand new book called... guessed it

REALLY Wild Tea Cosies Oh OK it's probably a working title but oi loike it.

Gees! I wouldn't mind a bottle of French bubbly EVERY time I started a new job!

I love you Murdoch Books.

You don't think I'm too easily pleased do you?

It's the (long) weekend!

Aaah! Noice! I'm just gunna put me feet up and ...


It's a Wrap

That's it! It's a wrap. Cosies all present and correct.

Off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP.

Just a few additional accoutrements to prepare.

Like mother like daughter.

My lovely clever niece, Akari, and her lovely clever mum, Junko.

Go Party Girls.

A Very Clever Little Bear

A Very Clever Little Bear never stops drawing drawing drawing.

All KINDS of things.

Naturellement, (that's French) I'm partial to the TEA things.

And the KNITTING things.

And the TEA and KNITTING things.

Thalagank Yoolagoo (that's Oolagoo) Borromini.