Talk about things you wouldn't be caught dead in.

This mad woman (the one with her arm around me) made and gave these pink things to me - a congratulatory gift on the launch of my little book last June. Or perhaps it was a birthday gift. The weeks are a blur.

This mad man had a funny turn. (I'm not sure he ever recovered.)

As did this mad man. (Oh Excellent Stylist)

Those gorgeous gums you see? They are evidence of the unabashed, undeniable good cheer I felt that night. The joy of playing, drinking, eating, patting each other on the back, with all the people who came for the ride that is Wild Tea Cosies.

I have written in my will that I want to be buried in these pink knitted things (and nothing else).


Luvvie said…

I pity the poor undertaker that has to dress you modestly in that kit! I shall have to knit something more appropriate - a knitted shroud - for goodness sake - a project for a long arctic winter - one that I fear won't be coming to brisvegas for a while....hey get this....the word verification is - deadmo - what does it all mean?????
Grand Purl Baa said…
or perhaps I could be laid out in pink pompoms. Now there's an idea!
boogirl said…
I think I'll knit you a mirkin darling...very important to cover the nether regions when in repose in your coffin!

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