Showing off - AGAIN!

Look! Look! I can knit two hands, left and right, Continental and English, all at once. I know. I already did this show off dance but it aint mastered yet and every little improvement is a great big achievement. Gees anybody would think I was learning to walk again.

As you can see, it is nail biting stuff.

Yes I do sit with the teapot on my lap, or very nearby.

A teapot might have to endure up to 25 fittings from start to finish.

It makes for a figure hugging fit.

Turkish Delight is reincarnated. Now I don't think I have made this one since the original. He is off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP with Carmen.

Go on! Ask me about the broken tea pots.

Click on to embiggen.


Shell Sherree said…
Round needles? Continental and English? I can barely manage knit and purl on two straight needles. But there's a reason why you're called Grand Purl Baa.
mem said…
OK - I'll bite - what is with the broken teapots? And I've never even HEARD of - what ? two handed knitting? How do you DO that? Turkish Delight looks delicious - edible, even.
boogirl said…
Are you getting the stripes using Fair Isle? More information please, magnificent Loani. I can feel a Turkish Delight coming on myself.
Gidgetknits said…
Oh cool! You're doing the two at once! And am longing to hear about the broken teapot - don't tell me the cosy got a little too cosy!
Hamlet & Co said…
Broken pot - hmmm - so Wes decided to make himself a cuppa?

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