Saturday. Saturday. Saturday

Mr Succulent Plant has been hovering in the background of all the latest tea cosy hero shots and today rebelled insisting the focus was on him.

So here he is clear as a bell while Ms Coral Fantasy 2008 fuzzes up.

Ask me why there are knitting needles in a shot with something that is clearly crocheted.

Gawn. Ask me.

So we moved on over to this precarious position, right away from any limelight hugging greenery.

We are almost there. Four. Me thunks FIVE might make an exhibition.


Shell Sherree said…
OK, I'm in: What's with the knitting needles? {I'm also clueless - I wouldn't have known Ms CF was crocheted.} Mr Succulent Plant is very nice, too. {Oh good grief, my word verification is 'mental'. Had to happen sometime.}
Gidgetknits said…
I'm not sure anything can take the attention away from that magnificent tea cosy! And now I have to go chase a cat away from the chicken coop...
Jacqui said…
love those pom poms...I remembering your secret pom pom making device, which explains why my little donuts of cardboard have never yielded anything quite so magnificent. This is one spectacular tea cosy Loani!! (OK OK the succulent is lovely too)

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