Licquorice Allsort of Feline

Another of the Lucky Ones off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP. She is the same but different to her original design. There are many ways to tie a sarong, er, tea cosy.

I used 2 strands of 8ply (DK) Nundle wool

It is excellent tea cosy wool.

It is structurally very sound, felts up beautifully if you want it to, and comes in gorgeous vibrant colours.

I find my self using it much of the time now.

Carmen Miranda and Turkish Delight, showing off in most recent posts, are knitted in Nundle 8ply wool.


boogirl said…
Nothing to do with licorice - although the latest creation did result in a little Pavlov's salivation... No. I wanted to tell you, nay boast, about my promotion of Wild Tea Cosies in Dubai! The ISBN has been noted and the leader of the knitting group is going off to Magrudy's to insist it is stocked here. See...this is what happens when people turn up to knitting/coffee mornings!
Lady P said…
You are awesome!! came over via grrl + dog - love yours stuff!!

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