Gees it's noice to be home!

One of the best things about going away is coming home. Today I did that best thing. Came home. There is the large general thing of coming home. And there are all the specific things. Like walking in the front door, dumping the luggage right there and heading straight out onto the verandah to look down on this.
Yep. That's my garden. I planted it.

It doesn't DO anything except look great. There's lemon grass and rosemary and galangal which can spice up a meal, but other than that.

Click on to embiggen.

And then wander down stairs and to check on these.

All is as it should be.

Except the very large and very old paw paw tree fell down breaking the small young frangipani tree underneath it into many parts. It's not all bad news. Broken frangipani branches can be dried out and replanted to make many new frangipani trees.

We are not in drought. We are not in flood. We live in subtropical heaven. Lucky lucky.

Gees it's noice to be home.


Shell Sherree said…
Welcome home! I haven't been away but our garden has become a jungle again. Oh, the Humidity.
boogirl said…
I could cry at the sight of all that green and gorgeous floral colour...but happy for you :)
Hamlet & Co said…
I now what you mean Purl ... although personally I have irritatingly itchy feet right now...
Pass me the Calomine Lotion.

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