First Royalty Payment - Thank you all you little tea cosy nuts you!


Today I bought 5 yummy balls of Noro sock wool from THIS really great shop.

Welllll! I deserve it!

Tomorrow I try to decipher my First Royalty Statement for it is a very mysterious thing to behold.

And YOU deserve it too. Go on. Treat yourself. Get yourself some yummy wool. Have a knit. For me.

Woo hoo.


Beehive Cottage said…
Hi Loani, I so admire your work (I have never seen tea cozies like yours before) that I decided to nominate you for a "Kreativ Blogger" award. If you would like to pass it along, visit my site & follow the guidelines there.

I like to knit, but it's just a hobby. I can only knit flat things. I am so amazed at the sculptural quality of your cozies.
Absolutely wonderful!

Smiles, Debbie
Gidgetknits said…
I love that you invested your royalties in yarn! Yet another reason to be happy I have a copy of Wild Cosies!

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