The Bloke's Jumper

The Bloke's Jumper has been on the needles for some time, sitting, waiting in all its greyness, for something to happen.

The Bloke chose grey "if you must knit me a jumper".

Don't be too hard on him. It is a pretty frightening wait while the love is lavished night in and night out, for hundreds of hours, into something one might, in the end, not want to be caught dead in.

So grey it is. One might pontificate that The Bloke sees himself as sensible, grown up, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself.

I reckon he just ain't game!

So last night - a revelation. Or is that a revolution. The Bloke won't even notice. A line here. A line there. A random spill of lusciousness.

Of course Monsieur Mick from Time Team (on the far left) must REALLY love his wife.

He owns and wears, publicly on International television an entire wardrobe of rainbow jumpers AND beanies!

And he seems an eminently sensible man.

Post Script: Ah one should always do one's homework. Mick Aston's wife did not knit his stripey jumpers. Indeed I don't know if he even has a wife. A number of women friends knitted his stripey jumpers. One can only therefore conclude that he must REALLY love his women friends!

The pattern is Jared's Jumper, a perfect canvas for rows of joy.


MostLusty said…
Nice, unusual, different.
Shell Sherree said…
Very subtle! And grey is the new black this season, so The Bloke was fashionable with his choice {if unintentionally so...}
Gidgetknits said…
Good for you - investing the grey with a little hint of colour!

Actually, I remember a director talking on a commentary about the camera man who used to pull on his fluffy pink, rabbit shaped ear muffs: "there is a man with total self-confidence."

That goes for men in seriously colourful sweaters. I admire each and every one of them.

Then, I also admired Mark Darcy in the reindeer one...
little hat said…
My mother knitted me a grey vest once. I asked for it in thast greasy rough wool. while it didn't fit too well and i am discouraged from wearing it by my beloved - it did make me feel rather grown up and even a little rugged. That was twenty years ago. I still have it.

Years later I chose the most diffiucult design i could find when she again offered. I was secretly hoping it might be too difficult and never get finished. It's multicoloured and it too is not a perfect fit(she thought i was much taller than when I'd left home many years earlier)but it has become my pride and joy (now that I'm fully mature?).
Hamlet & Co said…
Bless those boys in Time Team and their total disregard for trendiness...
(Although I do
sometimes wish I could take to all that steel wool hair with a pair of scissors ....)

Julian, however - thanks to your unerring sense of style - will look the picture of suaveness and sophistication.
mem said…
One of the best reasons for watching Time Team (apart from the history, of course) is to see the stripey jumper man's jumper. The first time I saw him, I ended up making 3 just like it.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Have you got pictures!!!

Did you make one for YOUR man!!

Does he wear it!!!

Does he LOVE it!!!
mem said…
No - no pictures (as usual), and they were all children's size. And my man is not a jumper man : ( Obviously he's the WRONG man.

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