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Would you hurry up and take that photo!

Please sister don't you touch me tomatoes
Please, don't you touch me tomatoes
Touch me yams, me pumpkin, potatoes
For goodness sake, don't touch me tomatoes

Touch me this, you touch me that
Touch me everything I've got
Touch me plum and me apple too
Here's one thing you just can't do

All you do is feel em, feel em
All you do is squeeze em, tease em
Touch me yams, me pumpkin, potato
But oh sister, don't you touch me tomatoes

It was Saturday night. We were off to the LIME FESTIVAL of course.

Saturday. Saturday. Saturday

Mr Succulent Plant has been hovering in the background of all the latest tea cosy hero shots and today rebelled insisting the focus was on him.

So here he is clear as a bell while Ms Coral Fantasy 2008 fuzzes up.

Ask me why there are knitting needles in a shot with something that is clearly crocheted.

Gawn. Ask me.

So we moved on over to this precarious position, right away from any limelight hugging greenery.

We are almost there. Four. Me thunks FIVE might make an exhibition.

Licquorice Allsort of Feline

Another of the Lucky Ones off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP. She is the same but different to her original design. There are many ways to tie a sarong, er, tea cosy.

I used 2 strands of 8ply (DK) Nundle wool

It is excellent tea cosy wool.

It is structurally very sound, felts up beautifully if you want it to, and comes in gorgeous vibrant colours.

I find my self using it much of the time now.

Carmen Miranda and Turkish Delight, showing off in most recent posts, are knitted in Nundle 8ply wool.

First Royalty Payment - Thank you all you little tea cosy nuts you!


Today I bought 5 yummy balls of Noro sock wool from THIS really great shop.

Welllll! I deserve it!

Tomorrow I try to decipher my First Royalty Statement for it is a very mysterious thing to behold.

And YOU deserve it too. Go on. Treat yourself. Get yourself some yummy wool. Have a knit. For me.

Woo hoo.

Showing off - AGAIN!

Look! Look! I can knit two hands, left and right, Continental and English, all at once. I know. I already did this show off dance but it aint mastered yet and every little improvement is a great big achievement. Gees anybody would think I was learning to walk again.

As you can see, it is nail biting stuff.

Yes I do sit with the teapot on my lap, or very nearby.

A teapot might have to endure up to 25 fittings from start to finish.

It makes for a figure hugging fit.

Turkish Delight is reincarnated. Now I don't think I have made this one since the original. He is off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP with Carmen.

Go on! Ask me about the broken tea pots.

Click on to embiggen.

Knitting in the Round on TWO Circular Needles

My tea cosies require knitting in the round AND knitting back and forth.

Forget DPNs forever. This is the ONLY way to knit tea cosies - with TWO circular needles. I know. I know. WTC says DPNs. But I learnt something new since then. Something grand.

Always knit the left stitches with the left circular needles and always knit the right stitches with the right circular needles.

It is only the yarn that goes ROUND and ROUND.

And then BACK and FORTH for the sides.

When changing needles, make the first stitch and then pull the yarn firmly downwards to tighten the join between the two needles.

This simple action will eliminate ridges at the needle change over point.

There are two very good reasons for trying out this method. There are only two joins instead of four as with double pointed needles, and the join is seamless, without the laddered stocking ridge that occurs at the point of needle change as with double pointed needles.

There are some really great instructions HERE

I use this meth…

National Gallery of Australia SHOP

Carmen is off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP. S-H-O-P is in capital letters to emphasize that she is not off to the National Gallery of Australia where there is a Soft Sculpture Exhibition during April May June. But hey! She is pretty damned chuffed to be going off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP to be exhibited there. No, she will not be on sale in the National Gallery of Australia SHOP. But her book will be on sale at the National Gallery of Australia SHOP. Other wild tea cosies will join her at the National Gallery of Australia SHOP for showing off in about 3 weeks.

Carmen Miranda, winging her way to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP

Post Script: Ooops. They'll all be on show from mid April. Not before.

Talk about things you wouldn't be caught dead in.

This mad woman (the one with her arm around me) made and gave these pink things to me - a congratulatory gift on the launch of my little book last June. Or perhaps it was a birthday gift. The weeks are a blur.

This mad man had a funny turn. (I'm not sure he ever recovered.)

As did this mad man. (Oh Excellent Stylist)

Those gorgeous gums you see? They are evidence of the unabashed, undeniable good cheer I felt that night. The joy of playing, drinking, eating, patting each other on the back, with all the people who came for the ride that is Wild Tea Cosies.

I have written in my will that I want to be buried in these pink knitted things (and nothing else).

The Bloke's Jumper

The Bloke's Jumper has been on the needles for some time, sitting, waiting in all its greyness, for something to happen.

The Bloke chose grey "if you must knit me a jumper".

Don't be too hard on him. It is a pretty frightening wait while the love is lavished night in and night out, for hundreds of hours, into something one might, in the end, not want to be caught dead in.

So grey it is. One might pontificate that The Bloke sees himself as sensible, grown up, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself.

I reckon he just ain't game!

So last night - a revelation. Or is that a revolution. The Bloke won't even notice. A line here. A line there. A random spill of lusciousness.

Of course Monsieur Mick from Time Team (on the far left) must REALLY love his wife.

He owns and wears, publicly on International television an entire wardrobe of rainbow jumpers AND beanies!

And he seems an eminently sensible man.

Post Script: Ah one should always do one's homewor…

Oh What the Hell!

Finally I succumb. Well.... Why wouldn't I. I got an award for goodness sake. What am I going to do? Thumb my nose at the ways of blogging. It's an award. I think not.

There are RULES but I prefer to think of them as guidelines, suggestions, a plan.

So the plan is to:
1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 8 other bloggers.
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

And if you are like me and take forever to 'get' it, it is not about awards at all and everything about introducing you to each other who indeed might be like minded and enjoy a new lane to wander down.

Thank you Dawn for awarding me, for drawing me to your blog to find a clever clever designer of, amongst other things, TEA COSIES! Lovely lovely tea cosies.

Allow me to introduce you to:

Eumundi Papers for an exquisitely eloquent tour of the life with Wendy, Phil and Hamlet. It's a blog you'll lust after readin…

Gees it's noice to be home!

One of the best things about going away is coming home. Today I did that best thing. Came home. There is the large general thing of coming home. And there are all the specific things. Like walking in the front door, dumping the luggage right there and heading straight out onto the verandah to look down on this.
Yep. That's my garden. I planted it.

It doesn't DO anything except look great. There's lemon grass and rosemary and galangal which can spice up a meal, but other than that.

Click on to embiggen.

And then wander down stairs and to check on these.

All is as it should be.

Except the very large and very old paw paw tree fell down breaking the small young frangipani tree underneath it into many parts. It's not all bad news. Broken frangipani branches can be dried out and replanted to make many new frangipani trees.

We are not in drought. We are not in flood. We live in subtropical heaven. Lucky lucky.

Gees it's noice to be home.