Wonder Woman meets the Tasmanian Devil

Why the Wonder Woman tiara I hear you ask?

One should always wear something special on one's head when one is doing housework, for how can one possibly be shitty about doing housework if one is wearing something special on one's head.

And the tiger ears are a bit worse for wear.

Inventory - Tasmanian Souvenirs
One Wonder Woman Tiara
One Felted Lolly Necklace
One Felted Tasmanian Devil
One Red Teapot, Second Hand
One Red Handbag, New (excellent size for carrying all and sundry AND knitting project)
Many Balls of Wool (not all recorded here)
One Globite Port - in memory of one's primary school days (excellent for transporting Tasmanian Souvenirs back to the mainland).


Shell Sherree said…
When I saw your post title, I was expecting to see what creative thing you'd whipped up with your Wonder Woman fabric from yesterday's impressively folded stash! {You really do love Wonder Woman, don't you?!} The tiara is very grand, but I especially like that very cute Tassie devil!
Grand Purl Baa said…
About WW. Nah. Just a coincidence.
Taphophile said…
Adore the felted necklace and the globelite suitcase - great storage for yarn, too. I'll have to try the head wear as a housework motivator. I find naked housework motivating, particularly in the cooler months.
Dawn Brocco said…
I've only recently discovered your blog, but it's fab! so, I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!Specs are on my blog.

Happy Knitting and Creating!

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