To the Right of me and to the Left of me

And a lesson in fisheries management science.

Port Stephens is a 2 and 1/2 hour drive North of Sydney or an 11 hour drive South of the Sunshine Coast where we live.

Every year for about 30 years The Bloke (a marine biologist) has attended the Port Stephens Game Fishing Tournament, the largest tournament in the Southern Hemisphere with between 180 and 230 boats turning up each year to fish for Marlin, Shark, Mahi Mahi and some other oceanic fish over two weekends.

30 years ago all the fish were killed and brought in to be weighed. But thankfully things change, sometimes for the better, and 90% of the fish caught now are tagged and released. The information gathered at initial tagging and then at recapture (about 1%) is vital to scientists in fisheries management.

The fish that are brought in are measured, aged, sexed with samples taken for dna. Again all this information helps understand a bit more about what is out there and how it is faring.

After all the prodding and poking, the fish are eaten. Mostly. And very good eating too.

Me? I get to lounge about in a holiday unit with this magnificent view and finish off my socks.


Gidgetknits said…
I love the look of relaxing socks!
Hamlet & Co said…
I'm getting more than a little envious of you and your fish junkets.

Hmmm ... sounds like a rather unappealing dessert....

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