The Tea Cosy Lady, The Chicken Lady and The Button Lady

Have you ever met any of your blogpals in person?

Last year I played a blog game, Blogtoberfest, the brainchild of The Tin Lady. I was reticent to join in. Slow to 'get' it. Doubtful of its purpose. And wondered endlessly at the nonsense of it all. But still I stayed and played.

After all I think that blogging might be like traveling on the train. Many people choose to sit in the same carriage as you. You can just sit beside them with eyes ahead, or you can look about a bit and smile. You can engage those who are game in friendly chit chat.

Rarely if ever do you invite a fellow traveller into the inner rings circling your crusty scaly barrier. Well I don't anyway.

This week The Chicken Lady and The Button Lady and The Tea Cosy Lady stepped over the line and met face to face; to eat, to shop and to show and tell.

How very excellent to meet you both. How very excellent. Thank you.

And thank you too Ms Tin Lady

The Knitting:
A work in progress:
Something to wile away the hours in Port Stephens while The Bloke does science on fish.


Shell Sherree said…
That's a lovely vibrant cosy, and good on you all for meeting in 'real life'. Sounds like your bravery was rewarded with much enjoyment!
Jacqui said…
yes it was most fun! Muchos gracias for a lovely afternoon and for making the big trek up the hill to see us. Lovely.
bowerbirdz said…
Chickens, buttons and tea cosies - 3 great companions. It was lovely to meet you, to dine and shop and chat! And the socks do fit my size 10 feet! Many thanks - and looking forward to the next meeting.
Tinniegirl said…
I'm wishing I could have joined the fun. What gorgeous socks you gifted the lucky new blog/real life friends.
Luvvie said…
I am so pea green with envy that you met Life in the Dome. I just love her blog and think she would be lots of fun to meet. Lucky lucky you. Smart smart you. You do a very good blog luvvie. I would have given you an award yonks ago if I had half a brain.

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