Stashing - a Genetic Memory

You know of course don't you that she who dies with the Biggest Stash WINS.

Ms Jacqui is pondering how a girl who doesn't sew (very much) can end up with A Stash. But hoorah! She gathers soft, sensuous, colourful, beautiful FABRIC because her genetic memory is working a treat!

We don't need to sew to be compelled to gather fabric. We don't need to sew to delight in the brush of its silk in our palms, the glow of its hue against our cheeks. We don't need to sew to luxuriate in its ironing, its folding up in perfect symmetry, its careful placing in that special spot - the Fabric Cupboard. We stand back drinking in The Stash for one last moment before closing the door, our own private treasure held safe for next time.

Some Stashes, my own for instance, are kept for this purpose only. To bring out, luxuriate in, and put away again.

Oooo. I feel a Fabric Fold coming on.


Jacqui said…
Being a bit of bower bird myself, my eye was drawn to the sparkles (not blue, but shiny!). You have a lovely stash too. I think you are right 'cause some of these fabrics I've had for so long and I've only really started sewing in the last four months. I did enjoy folding it all too....:)

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