No They Are Not Mine

But I wish there were. Denise has a husband who has a very clever aunt.

Rona E. Warner is a fibre artist and these are her little gems and she has kindly given permission to reproduce the photos here.

I have to admit to feeling a little pang of jealousy when I see others' fabulous designs.

Gawn! One can't help but compare to one's own. Thankfully it quickly gives way to something like - delight, and admiration - eminently more pleasing (and lasting) feelings.

Thank you Rona.

I wonder what my Wes would think if he met the twin felines on our kitchen bench.


Hamlet & Co said…
Those cat cosies are a crack up ....

As for Wes - I just love that look of steely determination in his eyes
Shell Sherree said…
Oh Wes, bestill my heart ... hmm, he looks a bit like he hasn't quite forgiven your holiday yet though. {The cosies are very cute, by the way!}
Purl Buttons said…
Lovely! Wes looks so muscular, especially in comparison.

Hope the wildfires are staying away from you. I really don't have a concept of where you are or where they are.
Sewbeads, Florida, USA
Monika said…
I can't believe it! I just finished a stinking normal tea cosy, which looks fine (and boring) to me, when I see all your wild ones! They are fantastic! :o)
Lynette said…
I wish you have a free pattern for the cat cozies. I would love to make them.
Donna Hi said…
The white felted cat is awesome. I too wish there was a pattern, and although I have not had a white cat in some thirty years, it is a great cosy!

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