Mad Mad Mad Women

WHAT on earth!!!

The cult of the Tea Cosy is spreading like .... I was going to say "like wildfire" but that would seem inappropriate this week. Spreading like locusts? Spreading like butter?

Australian hearts are swelling with generousity right now, taking care of friends in need. It hardly seems right to be talking about raising money for breast cancer.

So I won't.

Instead I'll talk about tea cosies, which I never tire of, and lead you over to the Crazy Cozies Competition run by the Exeter branch of the CWA - Mad Mad Mad Women, led by the unstoppable Kaye Healey.

The Country Womens Association has a long tradition of working to make a better life for women and children, especially those living in regional Australia.

Enter the Crazy Cozies competition and HAVE A GOOD TIME. You'll hardly notice that you are also DOING A GOOD THING.


SuzieD said…
So many Carmens and each with it's own character. What do you call a collective of Carmens I wonder? Or a collective of tea cosies for that matter?
Kaye said…
Maybe a 'cossett' of cosies? Perhaps a 'comfort' of cosies? Or... a 'cache' of cosies?
Yes, I think I like that one best. It's redolent of a 'stash'....Enough, enough, already!

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