Home from Tasmania

For a nano second I imagined moving to Penguin, Tasmania, opening a wool shop with views of Bass Strait and living happily ever after. But then I came home and remembered I already live happily ever after on the Sunshine Coast with a fine job and glorious views of the Pacific Ocean.

Toe dipping in the Southern Ocean at sunset.

Eating and drinking and sharing woolly gifts with a newly met half brother and his lovely wife. What a surprising man you are sir. What a perfect treat our stay.

Learning about pecking order. When the expensive professional camera wasn't snapping photos it was swinging at this magnificent Right Royal Rooster in a vain attempt to protect the large two legged animal from attack.


Hamlet & Co said…
What a fabulous rooster - Plymouth Rock I think ...
I adore roosters - they're so blokey.

Can't wait to go to Tassie ... I just can't ...
Shell Sherree said…
Yes, very blokey, Hamlet & Co!

I prefer to admire chooks from afar ... they are quite delightful unless they are running peckingly towards a small 8 year old child and her sister as they dutifully take the scraps into the chook pen at the request of an aunt with a wicked sense of humour. {No, that didn't scar me forever, did it ...}

I'm happy you and your kind-faced man are back, Loani! Though if you ever move to Tassie, you're only a blog post away ...

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