When is a Wild Tea Cosy NOT a Wild Tea Cosy

Well never really.
Introducing Carmen Miranda by Miff and Turkish Delight by Luvvie, each design tweeked to become their own.

Miff Miff Miff. Look what you did! You did Carmen proud. She looks about to spring off the stage in a glorious can can.

You'll find Miff over at Ravelry. Just look for "Miff". It's simple. But of course you will have to be a Raveler.

Luvvie Luvvie Luvvie. Look what YOU did! A tea cosy to Delight any Turk! He looks about to spring off the stage in a whirling dervish.

If you are a fan of exquisitely expressed occasional diary entries then you need to peek at Luvvie's Musings

Thank you my little tea cosy elves. I love you dearly.


Miff said…
And the best part is that every cup of tea from Carmen is faaaabulous!

Most fun object de knit I've ever made.

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