Will I? Won't I? Oh what the heck! On the List.

I just can't help myself really. I just have to tell you. Well why wouldn't I? Unless I was shy, retiring, humble and kept anything at all to myself - THEN I might not tell you. But as I am none of these things.....

Yesterday morning there was an email from the UK publisher Search Press to say that Wild Tea Cosies is in the Nielson Book Data Top 50 Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts Titles for 2009 Week 4. This category includes books about painting, drawing, felting, quilting, sewing, beading and scrapbooking. There is even a book about things to do in a shed.

The Nielson Book Data List (UK) comes from bookstores point of sale scans and by all accounts is not to be sniffed at. Not that any of you would sniff at a list. Or anything at all really. Wild Tea Cosies came in at No.47. Oi. What was that noise?

It is ON THE LIST. It is important to be on the list.

The photos? Well one I brought with me and one I found here.


little hat said…
How did you get Lulien to look so much like a teapot. I love his red complexion. Too much time in the Tassie sun Julien!
What with the list thing?
Am I on a list? Yes: My aunty's xmas card list; a lot of spammers who offer me extensions of parts of my anatomy which I regard as quite adequate; my wife's to do list - "get steve to phone the builder about a quote" etc etc; My own wish lis: "I wish I was on more people's lists"
Suzanne said…
Wow!! Congrats!! I haven't seen your book yet, but I'm watching for it!! The look delicious!
Luvvie said…

I had a dinner party last weekend and the highlight was when I brought out your book. You will be delighted to know that most women at the table had difficulty getting it out of the men's hands. It made the night. There were hoots of delight - particularly when I brought out my version of Sandwich Anyone? still incomplete but vaguely recognisable.
Joanne said…
Congratulations. That certainly is a great bit of news to get and share. I waiting for your book to hit the US. I have been on lists but nothing I will divulge or want to be remembered for. LOL

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