Learning Something New

One usually knits very tightly and evenly and feels very pleased with Oneself at the result. But One is learning something new and insists on continuing in One's usual style when One has been told over and over again to KNIT LOOSELY!

Others knit beautiful Fair Isle socks that fit over a heel. Why can't One? This colourful sock satisfies the 'wearable' criteria but not yet the 'perfection' criteria. It does indeed fit over a heel but the two-thread stitches are very wobbly. One will have to remember what One used to tell her violin students oh so very long ago. Practice, practice, practice.

Of course One would be very appreciative of useful tips to assist perfectly even stitches when using the Fair Isle technique. Very appreciative.

Kristin Nicholas very kindly posted about my little book on her blog. So I went searching all around her blog to discover a most glorious barrage of colour. Her post, her blog, her colour, led me back to my favourite socks in my favourite book (Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book). Socks I have been drooling over for about six months now. I sat knitting for two hours on a holiday afternoon with this picture open on my lap knitting my own version - when a light bulb went on. This colour pattern was very familiar. I should check the designer. And lo and behold, blow me down, bugger me dead - the designer is Kristin Nicholas. Ahh. Slowly but surely.


Jacqui said…
Those socks!! I so want some - it's irrational! Would they look as elegant on moi, I wonder? No, probably not. Would I care? No, probably not.

I checked out Kristen's blog - some people are just so damn talented (present company included). Sigh...I have to give in to the fact that my talents lay elsewhere...and hope that someone will sell them on Etsy for me instead.
Hamlet & Co said…
Hmmm... I quite like this "following" business.

Now I'm thinking about some lacy knitted tights I saw in those 1970s Golden Hands books...

Willemtje said…
I saw a tutorial on the internet last week, where the yarn for the second colour was held in the left hand. This looked very easy. Unfortunately I can't tell you the name of the site. I imagine it would not be too difficult to google it?
I am also a great admirer of Kristen Nicholas. I just love looking at her creations! Like others I wish I was more talented and could try my hand at her designs.

A Dutch knitter
Thanks for the mention of my blog! So cool that you love my socks. I've got another book coming out next year for you to look for. Have you seen my Kristin Knits? You might like that too. Lots of colorful projects but mostly to wear.

Saw the write-up about your book in our American VK. Congrats.

Keep knitting. It is freezing here. Another snowstorm tonight.

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