It really is all about....

In 2005 we went to this town in Mexico. Oaxaca.

(be sure to click on photos to embiggen)

We spent half a day with this man in his courtyard/studio a neigbouring village. Isaac Vasquez. Teotitlan.

He spun and dyed this fabulous wool...

.... to create this fabulous rug to be photographed in back drop for Turkish Delight, published in Wild Tea Cosies.

It really is all about Tea Cosies.


Shell Sherree said…
I can't resist commenting when you use that magical word 'embiggen':) What a romantic little backstory for your fine, exotic Turkish Delight cosy. (Uh oh, now I have to go to the shops and get me a Turkish Delight choccie bar.)
janice said…
This is the most fun blog I have ever run across. I am delighted. a smile from ear to ear.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Aw shucks thanks Janice. Big :-) myself!

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