All right for Some!

We are on holidays, me and the bloke, in Tasmania for 2 weeks. I know. I know. All right for some. We are alternately enjoying BIG ADVENTURES and BIG RESTS.... which is of course exactly what a holiday should be.

Wendy! Please tell Hamlet there are the most adorable pigs living on the Apple Isle. Hazel, The Dancing Pig greeted us every day for 3 days at Cherry View with a dainty twirl and flirty leap. We loved it there with every little thing taken care of with love and joy. Thank you Jenny and Phil.

Yes I am buying wool, knitting with wool, thinking about wool, and taking photos of wool.

The old farmy enginey thingy? It was just so photogenic.

P.S. Thank you for your emails and comments. Please forgive if I don't get to them pronto. Holidays are like that. :-)


Shell Sherree said…
Aww, what a fine dancing pig Hazel looks to be. And the tractor pic - could you have asked for a more bucolic setting. (Please eat some fudge on my behalf - I'll accept the reverse charges on the calories - with a fine pot of Loani-cosied tea, of course.)
Purl Buttons said…
Hope your vacation is everything you wanted and just long enough to ALmost wish to return home.
Gidgetknits said…
Oh I love your dancing pig!!!
Hamlet & Co said…
Had he not already had the unkindest cut of all, I'm sure Hamlet would've fallen for her like a ton of pork!

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