Wes The Tea Cosy - Proof of Poltergeists

My own very staid tea cosy lives in this corner of the kitchen. I know. I know. But the phone chargers have to go SOMEWHERE! And YES there ARE a lot of coins in the coin jar. Anyway stop looking at that. This post is not about kitchens, coins or chargers.

It is about the Mystery of the Marauding Tea Cosy!

Every night, in the middle of the night, since, hmmm, since the humans stayed overnight in Brisbane for the Avid Reader Christmas bash, this staid tea cosy has been having a BIG ADVENTURE.

I can't show you a picture of the tea pot it used to live on because it had an altercation with the kitchen floor that same night and is no more.

From kitchen bench to lounge room coffee table. Mysteriously. Every night!

I can however, show you a picture of Wes The Cat. At first the humans blamed HIM for the midnight shenanigans. But look at him. Oohh Wezzy boy. Coochy Coo.

No. It has to be solid, indisputable proof of poltergeists!


ShelleyP said…
You have me thinking (again!), Loani. Perhaps we have a poltergeist, too. It has a penchant for things less attractive than Wes (to be fair, we don't leave an attractive tea cosy on the bench). Twice now, it has left the sponge scourer from the side of our kitchen sink at the foot of our bed. I'm not sure what it's trying to tell us but I have a feeling if our gorgeous British black, Ella, could speak dull old human language, she could tell us all about it!
Chooks'r'us said…
Ah ha! the case of the maraudering tea cosy. Hmm....yeeesss...I think Wes is too obvious a suspect but have you ruled out his imaginary friend? No? Well, I'd be looking into THAT pretty damn quick if I were you or that cosy's gonna be out the door and there'll be no looking back. And Wes'll be licking those paws and letting you tickle his belly and won't be saying a thing. Like the lovely fur person he is. Awww...
yarnmaniac said…
I heart Wes!

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