Three Eggs Tea Cosy - For Instance

The Queen of Buttons more commonly known as Ms Bowerbirdz sent me this a whole week ago. Now it would have had an outing right then but for my dumb ISP not knowing that anything that has the words tea and cosy in it is NOT JUNK MAIL!!!

Introducing Three Eggs Tea Cosy. The Queen Of Buttons And All Things Vintage And Scientific tells me it is derived from Rosie Posy but I'd say this is a whole new design.

S'wonderful. S'marvelous.

Thank you Bowerbirdz of the Blue Mountains.


ShelleyP said…
S'wonderful, indeed! What a lovely stroke of Ms Bowerbirdz' imagination - the heat from the teapot should keep the eggs nice and - err - cosy until they hatch.
bowerbirdz said…
Heh heh - maybe I should call it 'surrogate mother'! Thanks for debut-ing my cosy!
Spinneretta said…
Marvellous :) I love this one, it would make a great breakfast teacosy!
Pamie G. said…
oh my beautiful and talented is this!!! You are awesome!

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