Many New Tea Cosies

The rain came in buckets this morning at first light and then the sun at six and the butcher birds at seven.

There are many new tea cosies afoot but they must remain secreted away until publishing. So long from inception to print. Sooo long.

Answering your questions: I have had a number of inquiries about a pattern for this rug. It is rather beautiful but I must lay blame firmly at the feet of 200 Crocheted Blocks by Jan Eaton. A MUST HAVE in all craft libraries. There is no rhyme or reason to my block pattern. I was too to try as many blocks and colours out as possible in a short time so ended up with this mish mash.


capo said…
happy xmas to you too. Spent the last two days doing a big garden job - where the pool uesed to be. No aircon possible.I'm not envious. I'm simply feeling natural and superior. No need for tea cosies in this heat. (had to find a tea cosy reference so your other readers won't think this is just gossip)
PS fence almost finished.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I just found your blog through the yarnstorm blog. Love your cosies! I would really like to know about the throw you've pictured. Perhaps if I read more entries you'll tell about it!!

Marsha Finney
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hello Inquirers. This rug is from a fabulous book called 200 Crocheted Blocks by Jan Eaton. A must have.

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