But one can never have enough of THESE!

One cannot imagine all the things that will happen once a book has been published. One thinks that that is the end, the climax, the culmination. It. Done. Finished. But then it has a life all of its own and the funniest things happen. Like Macksville.

All kinds of people email me to say lovely things about how much they enjoy the book, how they took up knitting because of it, how they started again after many years. And some people send me photos of their renditions of Wild Tea Cosies. Every email and every photo is a little gift which I open with a great big smile.

What do you think? What about blog dedicated to tea cosies that you all can contribute to. Wild Tea Cosies, vintage tea cosies and your own magnificent designs. Think I might get right to it....
Thank you
  • Kate of Sydney for Red Comet

  • Merryn of Cooroy for Sunflower

  • Kylie of Wagga Wagga for Rosie Posy

  • Jennifer of Melbourne for Red Comet (in manly shades of blue grey)

  • Cynthia of California for Rosie Posy

  • Erin of Brisbane for Sea Squirt (no chooks were harmed in the modeling of this tea cosy)... and for Party Girl (after a big night out)

  • Kate of Sydney for Chicken Little ready for a white Christmas

  • Erin of Melbourne for Bella Bell

  • Pru of Sydney for Carmen Miranda


Chooks'r'us said…
GREAT idea - yes, blog of cosies - go for it! Gosh, I might even reacquaint myself with the hook and have a go!

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