Drawing Me to You

Every day something new. This morning there was this from The Queen of Drawing. She doesn't call herself The Queen of Drawing. She calls herself Liz and you need to visit her at The Adventures of Borromini today and every day.

I am struck by how well Liz knows and loves her city Sydney. I'm only ever a Sydney visitor and sigh large sighs of awe at every corner when I am there. This last visit I found myself sighing large sighs of dismay at all the people who don't and won't travel further than 20 minutes in any direction from their home.

This is a first. No one has drawn my tea cosy before. I love it. Thank you Liz over at The Adventures of Borromini. Even the reference to the cricket is pertinent. I knit to better endure the cricket - err - the cricket, the 4 codes of football, the golf, the tennis. There isn't any question of NOT knitting during summer :-) But I admit to paying enough attention to be able to enjoy a good thrashing!!!

So today I share my humble drawings. Often tea cosies do start with a drawing as this one did. I share it to show that not all ideas are good ideas. This one turned out to be very silly. I took it to it's mad conclusion. It has even had an outing.

But I have a very important rule about my tea cosies being practical, able to be used, desirous of being used. This one failed dismally and is good only for wearing at fashion parades.

Introducing the wild but very impractical Powerhouse


Gidgetknits said…
Oh, but it's wonderfully and beautifully daft! Plus pink... which is always aces in my book! In fact, weirdly, it kind of reminds me of Shaun Tan's work. Well, if it wasn't so pink!
Liz Steel said…
I am honoured to be on your blog. I have the urge to draw all the tea cosies in the book but think that I ought to get my knitting needles out and attempt one of them!
bowerbirdz said…
I imagine it would be a bit top-heavy when pouring tea - but it's still lots of fun!
bowerbirdz said…
I think you've found yourself an illustrator for your next book - great drawing! 11 more and you'll have a fabuous calendar...
Jennie said…
Thanks for posting on my blog!! Its a little sparse, I don't seem to have enough time to make it nice. Your tea cosies are amazing, they are so fun, when my knitting is improved I will definately have a go at one!
Fabulous tea cosies! I'm writing about you on my blog later in the week. Who is publishing the book in the States? Congrats on a job well done.

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