Wild Tea Cosies – The Fashion Parade

Billy Connolly once famously said “Never trust a man who when left alone with a tea cosy doesn't try it on.” There’s no doubt he said a lot of other famous nonsense, but when the tea cosy fits…

Click on photos to embiggen

He might have said men and children, for these men and children did us proud at Wild Tea Cosies The Fashion Parade on Friday night last. Avid Reader is to blame for encouraging them. They celebrated their annual Christmas bash and thought to provide some entertainment with a difference.

Wild Tea Cosies, “a kooky craft book” as the folks at Avid call it “took us by surprise” to romp home as their annual best selling book for 2008. Breath by Tim Winton came in at No. 2. I know! I know! I’ve told that story before here but I can’t help myself. I LOVE telling that story. And now the team at Avid are telling that story out loud in their store and in their newsletter.

Stay posted for more mad men and minors in tea cosies.


ShelleyP said…
"Embiggen" - that's my favourite new word for the day! I wish I'd thought of it. (Sounds like something Tolkien would have written.)
Grand Purl Baa said…
Nah! It is from that other great cultural icon, the Simpsons. Me thinks.
bowerbirdz said…
What a hoot! The guy in the 2nd photo is really struttin' his stuff!
Grand Purl Baa said…
I know. Isn't he gorgeous! That's my boy Ben. They are full of surprises, sons. Funny, lovely, strutting surprises.
Luvvie said…
Look at that gorgeous boy! Sorry I wasn't there. Sorry for not being a good friend. Looks like it was a great night! And I love all your other posts too -except the one about the snitching of tea cosies of course. No fair.

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