What if? A Story About Chance

What if I had been snoring in the passenger seat at that moment on the drive down to Sydney over a week ago?
What if I hadn't seen the antique shop in the main street of Macksville?
What if I wasn't interested in antique shops?
I know. I know. What if my mother hadn't met my father? Stay with me.
What if on the way back home, it became all too hard, and we just kept going?
What if we hadn't turned around just past the bridge and come back for a better look?
What if we had been able to find a car park in the main street, or even the side street we turned down?
What if we hadn't had to drive right around the block and park at the river.

We would never have seen this! That's WHAT IF!!!

That crazy woman that danced around and embraced complete strangers the first time she saw her book on a bookstore shelf? She turned up again and put on a show in the street in front of The Remnant Basket's window display.

Macksville is a little town one might miss if one blinks (or is snoozing in the passenger seat) on the NSW North Coast. The Remnant Basket's owner, Diane has a sister Marie, who bought Wild Tea Cosies in Melbourne, brought it home and got busy making the lot! I especially love your variations on a theme Marie. They are on sale to raise money for Pink Ribbon Day. Other fabulous women of Macksville have also knitted and embroidered tea cosies for sale. All gathered here together in this magnificent window.

I giggled all the way home to the Sunshine Coast. What an incredible treat.


ShelleyP said…
How serendipitous, Loani - I'd have been disappointed if you had Not jumped up and down with excitement! It must feel grand to know you're inspiring people all over the place, not just to admire but to get their needles clacking! Cheers ~ Shelley
bowerbirdz said…
That's a great story - I'm smiling broadly just thinking of how you must have felt!
I've been knitting and crocheting madly since receiving your book - will hopefully have something to show for it soon - buying up tapestry wool and old teapots at the op shop - great fun!
Nicole said…
It's the butterfly effect dear one...you flapped your wings and all over the world...the effect is felt.
Chooks'r'us said…
You know I have something from Macksville that a girlfriend bought me on the way back from Byron Bay Blues Festival one year. I always say "This is from Macksville" whenever I bring out the old 50s tray with a bar scene on it. It's no where near as spectacular as this window display! I love how you can just get drawn to these things without knowing why. I think a trip up north is looking very enticing!
Chooks'r'us said…
$20!! Macksville prices too! There is a lady up here who used to be the Mayor of a Sydney council area who makes great tea cosys with all sorts of funny creatures on them like Banksia men and they sell for $90!
Grand Purl Baa said…
Well Well! Cheers Girls. It IS pretty nuts this tea cosy nonsense. Giggles. Broad smiles. Belly laughs. A fine medicine.

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