Too Much Admiring

Bag! I hate you! They're beautiful! I don't believe it! Where did you get them! Damn! Look at that! I'm so jealous! It's not fair!
A fair response to the discovery of a friend's vintage knitting needles and paraphernalia don't you think? If someone said that to me, I don't think I'd be of a mind to part with any of it. As you can see, Sydney wasn't all family business. There were wool shops and book shops and two visits to a friend, fairly new, but keenly valued. She has much to learn about me.

I have much to learn about her. For instance - don't admire her stuff too much. On our second visit she gave me this, all wrapped and gift like.

My first Bakelite knitting needle box. My first Bakelite knitting needle measure. A trippling of my pathetic tortoise shell knitting needle collection.

Thanks G. Thanks heaps and heaps for much more than these.


Taphophile said…
They are lovely - what a great gift. My torties are the only straights I ever use.

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