Party Pooper

n. Slang
One who declines to participate with enthusiasm, especially in the recreational activities of a group.

Isn’t there anyone else out there that flies into a rage at “pass it on” emails and blog tags? No one works up a sweat? Spits with frustration? Shouts profanities out loud to the wall in front? No one? No one bashes the delete key cursing the sender even when the sender is one of your closest friends. Don’t they KNOW what you think?

This is what I think. I think I know the value of my friends and none will be lost if I don’t “pass it on”. I know the value of the environment and nothing will be lost if I don’t “pass it on”. I know the value of a cancer research and nothing will be lost if I don’t “pass it on”.

My presumption is that you know too. My presumption is that you will make whatever contribution is relevant and meaningful to you. My presumption is that you don’t need reminding or urging - least of all by me.

And what brought all that on? This person did. With her week of Happy Awards post (14th November), a fine example of how things might otherwise be. Nothing earth shattering at all. Just a little award put out there for me to stumble upon. To do something with if I found it, if I liked it, if I felt so inclined. How perfect. What a lovely gift to accident on it. Mattered not if I didn’t. A happy find if I did. And so, without urging, I happily ‘pass it on’.

I make a slight deviation from the award and share it here as an introduction. Five introductions. For those who are looking to meander their way even further through the maize that is the web. But only if you will.

Camilla Engman for including her dog Morran in absolutely everything
Sara Lechner for material magic
My Brain Book for serious writing
Crooked Brains for whacky design
Fresh Tea for the most beautiful family album ever

Oh yeah and here is a picture of my needle stash. :-)


Camilla Engman said…
Thank you so very much :)
Fresh Tea : said…
Thank you Loani for your kind words. It makes me smile to know you enjoy our munchkins too!
bettlejuice said…
I lvoe having a needle stash . I am enjoying this new blog read for 2009. My Christmas was quiet too. Ex had all the kids. I got to be in birthday suit , eat ham and watch movies ! lets not forget the one ribby sock gift and eggnoged coffee.

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