Much To Be Thankful For

Lots of ordinary people found their good this last week to help settle an elderly father back into his home after 5 weeks in a repatriation hospital. There is so much to be thankful for. Living in Australia for one. Aged care services are not perfect by far, but they are there and for those that need it, they are free. Family for another. Two sons and a daughter - taking care of the smallest details for his care and comfort. And there are Neighbours. What goes around comes around it seems. One special family, one special member of that family stepping up to the plate with love and a great big belly laugh. What a treat, Basma. And then of course there are friends - to listen, to talk, to be on call.

The elderly father's son and I are home today. To a happy cat, a lush garden and hungry butcher birds.

The blogging went unattended but the knitting did not. Neither did the shopping. I found sock wool heaven in the Turramurra Drapery and in Morris & Sons where I also found these delicious circular Birch wood needles. They are a dream to use. A DREAM!


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