Bad Blogtoberfesters - The Melbourne Tea Cosy Cup

Roll up. Roll up. Two new cups will be run on Tuesday 4 November.

The Melbourne Carmen Miranda Cup (the tea cosy)
Entrants will be judged by the Queen of the Tea Cosies (that's me you BAD dummies). The Queen of the Tea Cosies' decision will be final, no correspondence blah blah...

The Melbourne Wild Tea Cosies Cup (the book)
Entrants will be decided in the tradition of the women in this family - my mother, my mother's mother, my mother's mother's mother - for as long as the Cup has run.
  1. Each entrant's name will be written on a small bit of paper.
  2. Each bit of paper will be rolled up into a small ball
  3. The race official (that's me) will stand in the kitchen (not the dining room, not the lounge room)
  4. The race official (that's still me) will hold all the rolled up bits of paper with the entrants names on them in her right fist
  5. The race official (you got it) will toss all the rolled up bits of paper with the entrants names on them, underarm, across the kitchen floor (not the dining room floor, not the lounge room floor)
  6. The entrant whose name is on the piece of paper which rolls furthest from the race official is the WINNER

Gook Luck!

For those Doubting Thomases? - last year - the name on the rolled up bit of paper furthest from the race official in my kitchen was Efficient! My one bet a year earned me 130 buckaroos.

No kidding! Truly rooly!


Kate said…
Bung me on a horse, I'm rolicking away....
couthyquine said…
I'm racing off for my cup of tea now...
please put my name on a ticket!
MostLusty said…
Pick me. Pick me. Please.

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