And the Birds have it

Those of you who wanted the book - or didn't know what you wanted - all's fair in love and horse racing. The cup, er book, goes to Bowerbirdz. Congratulations Queen of the Buttons.

Those of you who wanted the tea cosy? 'Member? I got to choose this one. It was wings down all the way. Even the close ones were close by far. You are frankly just all too good. Far too good for your own good. Except for Bad Chooky. Bad Bad Chooky of the Blue Mountains. If you are ever in Noosa, let's bang heads together shall we?


Chooks'r'us said…
Woohoo!!! That's made my day - nothing like a bit of positive reinforcement for being bad. I will email you my address post haste. Yippee
Chooks'r'us said…
And yes if I ever am up your way I will let you know!
bowerbirdz said…
Thankyou sooooo much!! Tomorrow I turn 50 and I can start knitting teacosies! I also got 2nd place in the Melbourne Cup sweep!
ShelleyP said…
I feel obliged to leave a :( face for not being bad enough, but totally congratulate bad chooky (aka chooks'r'us) and bowerbirdz on their wins. You rock! Am currently powered by too much bubbly and sad to miss out on Carmen Miranda, but life goes on. Congrats to all! Just hope I'm lucid enough to type the word verification correctly so my comment makes it through. (Loani, thinking seriously of using your method for next year's cup betting. Fine. Mighty fine! Love your work.)

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