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Party Pooper

n. Slang
One who declines to participate with enthusiasm, especially in the recreational activities of a group.

Isn’t there anyone else out there that flies into a rage at “pass it on” emails and blog tags? No one works up a sweat? Spits with frustration? Shouts profanities out loud to the wall in front? No one? No one bashes the delete key cursing the sender even when the sender is one of your closest friends. Don’t they KNOW what you think?

This is what I think. I think I know the value of my friends and none will be lost if I don’t “pass it on”. I know the value of the environment and nothing will be lost if I don’t “pass it on”. I know the value of a cancer research and nothing will be lost if I don’t “pass it on”.

My presumption is that you know too. My presumption is that you will make whatever contribution is relevant and meaningful to you. My presumption is that you don’t need reminding or urging - least of all by me.

And what brought all that on? This person did. With he…

Too Much Admiring

Bag! I hate you! They're beautiful! I don't believe it! Where did you get them! Damn! Look at that! I'm so jealous! It's not fair!A fair response to the discovery of a friend's vintage knitting needles and paraphernalia don't you think? If someone said that to me, I don't think I'd be of a mind to part with any of it. As you can see, Sydney wasn't all family business. There were wool shops and book shops and two visits to a friend, fairly new, but keenly valued. She has much to learn about me.

I have much to learn about her. For instance - don't admire her stuff too much. On our second visit she gave me this, all wrapped and gift like.

My first Bakelite knitting needle box. My first Bakelite knitting needle measure. A trippling of my pathetic tortoise shell knitting needle collection.

Thanks G. Thanks heaps and heaps for much more than these.

The Mystery of the Stolen Tea Cosies

Have you seen this Tea Cosy?

Beauty and the Beast. Knitted in Manx Loaghtan wool, native to the Isle or Mann, travelled by friend all the way from Ireland, across Europe to the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Held in stash for a year and a day, waiting for his Bacall, the beautiful berry hued Popcorn fancy wool, already as rare as hen’s teeth. Designed in a perfect marriage.

Beauty and the Beast was stolen. Yes STOLEN! Whisked away while no one was looking, from Berkelouw Books in Paddington, Sydney, while kindly on loan from the designer and author of Wild Tea Cosies, Loani Prior (that's me!).

Have you seen this Tea Cosy?
Sandwich Anyone. Designed with afternoon tea and sandwiches in mind. A favourite with many a tea drinker and tea cosy connoisseurs.

Sandwich Anyone was also STOLEN from Berkelouw Books.

These two tea cosies are the original tea cosies, designed and knitted and photographed for the book Wild Tea Cosies.

To you who took them, perhaps you will appreciate them even more kn…

Wild Tea Cosies – The Fashion Parade

Billy Connolly once famously said “Never trust a man who when left alone with a tea cosy doesn't try it on.” There’s no doubt he said a lot of other famous nonsense, but when the tea cosy fits…

Click on photos to embiggen

He might have said men and children, for these men and children did us proud at Wild Tea Cosies The Fashion Parade on Friday night last. Avid Reader is to blame for encouraging them. They celebrated their annual Christmas bash and thought to provide some entertainment with a difference.

Wild Tea Cosies, “a kooky craft book” as the folks at Avid call it “took us by surprise” to romp home as their annual best selling book for 2008. Breath by Tim Winton came in at No. 2. I know! I know! I’ve told that story before here but I can’t help myself. I LOVE telling that story. And now the team at Avid are telling that story out loud in their store and in their newsletter.

Stay posted for more mad men and minors in tea cosies.

And Then There Was This

And then the lovely Erin sent me this picture today. They are some doozy pompoms girl.

What if? A Story About Chance

What if I had been snoring in the passenger seat at that moment on the drive down to Sydney over a week ago?
What if I hadn't seen the antique shop in the main street of Macksville?
What if I wasn't interested in antique shops?
I know. I know. What if my mother hadn't met my father? Stay with me.
What if on the way back home, it became all too hard, and we just kept going?
What if we hadn't turned around just past the bridge and come back for a better look?
What if we had been able to find a car park in the main street, or even the side street we turned down?
What if we hadn't had to drive right around the block and park at the river.

We would never have seen this! That's WHAT IF!!!

That crazy woman that danced around and embraced complete strangers the first time she saw her book on a bookstore shelf? She turned up again and put on a show in the street in front of The Remnant Basket's window display.

Macksville is a little town one might miss if one blinks (or…

Much To Be Thankful For

Lots of ordinary people found their good this last week to help settle an elderly father back into his home after 5 weeks in a repatriation hospital. There is so much to be thankful for. Living in Australia for one. Aged care services are not perfect by far, but they are there and for those that need it, they are free. Family for another. Two sons and a daughter - taking care of the smallest details for his care and comfort. And there are Neighbours. What goes around comes around it seems. One special family, one special member of that family stepping up to the plate with love and a great big belly laugh. What a treat, Basma. And then of course there are friends - to listen, to talk, to be on call.

The elderly father's son and I are home today. To a happy cat, a lush garden and hungry butcher birds.

The blogging went unattended but the knitting did not. Neither did the shopping. I found sock wool heaven in the Turramurra Drapery and in Morris & Sons where I also found …

No Socks for Old Men

Sydney has bailed me up. A son is in attendance on his old father for a long short week. We drove South together to do what we can and to buoy each other along. Decrepitude sucks. And loneliness sucks. It is so close yet unimaginable that it will happen to us.
Tomorrow I abscond to tea with a friend, two wool shops and a bookstore too. Searching for sock wool. Really beautiful sock wool.

And the Birds have it

Those of you who wanted the book - or didn't know what you wanted - all's fair in love and horse racing. The cup, er book, goes to Bowerbirdz. Congratulations Queen of the Buttons.

Those of you who wanted the tea cosy? 'Member? I got to choose this one. It was wings down all the way. Even the close ones were close by far. You are frankly just all too good. Far too good for your own good. Except for Bad Chooky. Bad Bad Chooky of the Blue Mountains. If you are ever in Noosa, let's bang heads together shall we?

Bad Blogtoberfesters - The Melbourne Tea Cosy Cup

Roll up. Roll up. Two new cups will be run on Tuesday 4 November.

The Melbourne Carmen Miranda Cup (the tea cosy)
Entrants will be judged by the Queen of the Tea Cosies (that's me you BAD dummies). The Queen of the Tea Cosies' decision will be final, no correspondence blah blah...

The Melbourne Wild Tea Cosies Cup (the book)
Entrants will be decided in the tradition of the women in this family - my mother, my mother's mother, my mother's mother's mother - for as long as the Cup has run.
Each entrant's name will be written on a small bit of paper.Each bit of paper will be rolled up into a small ballThe race official (that's me) will stand in the kitchen (not the dining room, not the lounge room)The race official (that's still me) will hold all the rolled up bits of paper with the entrants names on them in her right fistThe race official (you got it) will toss all the rolled up bits of paper with the entrants names on them, underarm, across the kitchen floo…