Why would anyone visit your blog?

My friend Steve has another friend Mary. Well Mary is sort of my friend too. But she was Steve's friend first - by miles. Anyway Mary said to Steve "Why would anyone visit your blog?" Mary is obviously not a blogger. But we can forgive her that. And we can thank her for this beautiful Ode to Knitting (and to knitting friends) being posted and welcome my friend Steve to the land of blogging and writing and being loved and adored by complete strangers.

Go there and have a read and don't forget to tell Steve The New Blogger you've been there.

Yes! That is my Coral Fantasy. The tea cosy on the head thing? It's a Y chromosome thing.


Taccolina said…
Hmm, yes. One of my former colleagues was heard to say "Does anyone still DO that?" when she heard I had a blog. And look what she's missing! Tea cosies in wonderful, wonderful colours. Lovely.
little red hen said…
Inspiration and motivation. Thats why! I've made a start on a coral inspired crocheted bracelet after looking at your blog and that of gooseflesh, I see you have her listed on your blog too!

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