For Chooks R Us - Life in the Dome

Dear Ms Chooksrus,
I also have a collection of chooks. This lot came all the way from China. They seem very surprised in this photograph taken of them at home. Perhaps they were taken aback when they learned they were about to travel all the way to Australia. Now that they are here they look rather cross. I have chooks with attitude!

And then there are all these other funny fellows wandering about the place. My mother would say they were 'dust collectors' if she were alive, but she's not so she won't.

Every chook has a heart - beating or no.


Chooks'r'us said…
Oh chooky goodness!! I love your chooks, especially the ones in the mosaic pic, top row, box on the right - they are gorgeous!!!...did you knit them?? The painting is great - they do look a bit shell shocked from the journey don't they?! I'll be back and damn I so want that tea cosy I'm going to try to think of my worst bad story. My friends don't call me Bad Chook for nothing you know!
planettreasures said…
a fellow chook connoiseur!
I love your chooks too!
I'll blog about my chooks oneday.

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