Wild Tea Cosies in the first morning light

Variations on the theme


velvet-granat said…
Hi Loani,
Just writing to say a huge thank you for putting together all your gorgeous tea cosies in a book and publishing it! And, obviously, for being so creative and fun-loving. I saw some of your creations at Avid Reader bookshop in Brisbane and fell in love. Have bought the book and am now happily obsessing over my 3rd tea cosy (a great way to use up the beautiful yarn that I stashed for years, 1 ball at a time, useless for anything else).
Thank you! :) You've really brighted up my winter. Don't stop creating, your fuzzy tea-monsters are beautiful. :)
Cheerio, Daria
tassiek said…
Hi Loani

just heard you on ABC. From one tea cosy lover to another, many thanks.

This is a true story:

I was listening to the ABC City Extra program in Sydney early 1980s, hosted by Caroline Jones. She was cross about some negative comments re her show and invited people who did not want an intellectual program to change channels, listen to pulp radio and knit tea cosies.

Next day she was very apologetic. Apparently the president of the NSW Association of Tea Cosy Knitters had contacted the station and complained about her derogatory comments. "Knitting tea cosies is a worthwhile occupation" he said " and it keeps the pensioners off the streets".

Good luck with your book.


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