Pottsie's Posy

Californian Ravelrer Cindy found my Rosie Posy pattern in the Australian Women's Weekly via an Australian friend who lives in California. We have had some lovely correspondence regarding the pattern. This morning I received these photos in my first email of the day. What a great way to start the day. Rosie Posy looks beautiful. Really beautiful. You have done her proud Cindy. Thank you.

You may not be able to link to Cindy's Ravelry site if you are not a member. Join up. It is the My Space of knitting. A great way to share knitterly things with knitterly people.

Now here's the rub. It turns out that there are some cultural and language differences across the knitting world. Americans have a completely different crochet language to the English and Australians. We won't hold it against you luvvies, but you may need to refer to the little table in the free Rosie Posy pattern found in the right hand menu on this blog.


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