Needle Fish - Ichthius wardi

"As their name suggests, needlefish are long, narrow and silvery. The smaller common species reach about 15 inches long; the larger ones can grow to more than 3 feet. In all species, the fishes' needlelike beaks, filled with sharp teeth, merge with their bodies to form sleek, living spears." Susan Scott, Ocean Watch.

This one (family Knitting) is the only one of it's kind, discovered by Julian in a birthday present, much coveted by Loani.

Ichthius wardi named after its Maker Phil Ward.


capo said…
Great grevillias Loani. Almost as good as the real thing - maybe even better in the creative world of knitting. I know that Grevillia don't I?
You are on a roll girl.
How do I start my own blog to complement yours?

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