Written Dimension - Launch Sell Out 2

Noosa launch at Written Dimension - Done!

Thank you all who joined me at Written Dimension for a lovely night, pontificating the idea that there are no new ideas - just some outrageous variations on the theme. And you thought it was about knitting! Books all sold. Go Knit Girls!

Thank you Annie for taking such good care of me on the night. Thank you all at Written Dimension and Noosa Long Weekend for the shop, the publicity and all the joy along the way.

Thank you Noosa Knitwits for joining me in all this nonsense. Thank you Lovely Ladies of Wallace House for joining me in all this nonsense. And to all the smiling knitters, met for the first time, thanks heaps for coming to share in all the knitting nonsense.

1. Signing Teresa's book.
2. Rhonda, Helen and Teresa
3. Those naughty Knitwits - messing with the bestseller stand. Hey! Leave my book up there.


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