Wild Tea Cosies - #6 Independents Bestseller List

How about that! #6 ! Thanks to all those lovely independent bookstores hosting tea parties in their windows for a couple of weeks each. What an incredible accident of luck. Who'd a thought the old tea cosy with a wacky twist would strike a chord in the hearts of book buying Ausies everywhere. Tea Hea Hea!


Maria Dia said…
I think your book is marvelous. You have done a wonderful job. Congratulations and all the best.
twolimeleaves said…
I saw your book today in Angs and Robertson and looked up your blog from there. We're ALMOST neighbours (i'm in Townsville). Congratulations on a fabulous book! Those Party Girl cosies make me weak at the knees!
Would you mind me using one of your photos for a post about your book and link to your blog?

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