16 July 2008

They Keep Coming

  1. Party Girl - Variation on a theme - Pommed and knitted for display at Threads and More, a favourite wool store in Brisbane
  2. Eddie Emu - Variation on a theme
  3. Carmen Miranda - new and improved flower
  4. Rosie Posy - Variation on a theme

1 comment:

Glenda Brown said...

Bought your book today (in Darwin) Enjoyed reading it, can't wait to try some of the patterns. As like all knitters I have a wool stash as well even though temperature is a bit high for wool.

Darwin is the last place you need to use a tea cosy, but what the heck I'll make em anyway.

My son and I have enjoyed reading your blog, keep the books rolling. There worth it for the pictures even if you have no need for the knitted items.