Avid Reader - A Launch Sell Out

Brisbane launch of Wild Tea Cosies at Avid Reader - DONE!

The Courier Mail article and the 4BC Radio interview on Tuesday caused Avid Reader to sell out of their 50 copies in store ready for the launch. They begged and grovelled to get 70 more books from Harper Collins just in time for yesterday's launch, which sold out on the night (did I hear correctly? - a first at an Avid event!) with people buying 2 and 3 copies. Very very happy. "Thank you all" hardly seems enough. I'm just about as chuffed as one can be.

Phil Brown of the Brisbane News very generously agreed to introduce me, say something funny and 'launch' the book. He did all three with such ease that I couldn't help but be buoyed into a relatively stutter free few words. Thank you thank you Phil.

My beautiful neice Akari. How many books did you buy Akari?

And then there were all the other Special People...
Merryn, Isabel and Alex. Alex wot knitted this magnificent party vest and beanie pour moi. Shucks Alex. What are yous girls laughing at?
The Crocker Brothers Mark and Matt, wot dressed and photographed the tea cosies. Let's all point and stare at them a bit more.
and He Who Loves Me Best, Jules. Gees Jules. You make me weak at the knees boy.


sajbrfem said…
Well they are back in stock now! I picked one up today from the Avid Reader after my MIL saved me a clipping out of the paper about your book. Your intro made me laugh out loud so I had to take home a copy for myself.

Your work is beautiful and I can't wait to start playing with your designs!

Congratulations on the successful launch!

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