Wild Tea Cosies has arrived !!!!!

Yay! A Book! I have a BOOK! Six advance author copies have arrived!!! Why does this feel so incredible. A Kazillion books arrive in the world every day. I feel sooo smiley, all the time. Beautiful cover. Beautiful back. FLAPS! Flaps are very important. Beautiful inside. Well done Glenda. Well done Mark. Well done Matt. Well done Avril. Well done me.


Marjorie Dawson said…
Heard about your book from David Reidy's Stick and String podcast. I can't wait to get a copy!!!

Congratulations on a lovely book!
Bec said…
I heard about your book on Sticks & String too! Conveniently, right before I went on a trip to Australia! I bought the book on my first night in Sydney, then went to the yarn shop to pick up some Australia-made yarn... a tea cosy for my mom will be a new twist on a "souvenir"!
Even my husband found the book really neat, and commented every time he saw a (non-wild) tea cosy during our trip!
BritCanaYank said…
I would love to buy your book, I think it is absolutely amazing!! Unfortunately, I live in the States and it doesn't seem to be available here. I have already made my dream trip to your lovely country and I don't think Himself will go for me making another trip to pick up the pattern book, sighs. Thank you for sharing the pictures anyways,,, Lizzy

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