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Unidentical Twin Cardies

Andrea wearing Andrea's cardie.

Who'd a thought that a little old cardie could have caused so much fuss. It is not enough to be able to knit. One needs elementary dressmaking skills... and a bit of maths, not much but a bit. Much learnt. And an unexpected addition to my own woolly collection. The cardie I'm wearing was meant for Andrea. But a lack of dressmaking and maths skills forced me to keep it and make another for her.

I love MY cardie and wear it all the time. Anyone else want anything knitted?

One is never enough

Here we go again! And I thought one was enough. One book that is. But I feel another one coming on.

Mmmmmmmm Yummmmmmmm

I loved spinning the surprise. I loved plying the surprise. I have such plans for the knitting.