Sarong, Socks, Friends, Fellas and...

It is sarong weather, not sock weather but for this orgasmic Eki Riva 4 ply Supreme Alpaca. It is to die for (and to sweat for) - for a photo shoot - for a minute. For THE MOST exquisite hand knitted sock experience - you should try it at least once in your life.

In our decrepitude, we will remember the BIG adventures - and all the people who come for the ride. 2008 has been one hell of a ride. If a picture could tell a thousand words then these few photos would be a tome.

All because of a smile down the phone from G (who gave me this). Clever clever Managing Editor.

And these fabulous fellows. Clever clever lads.

We had this big adventure

Shared by these great friends! and one or two others.

All the while holding hands with this funny lovely bestest friend in the whole wide world.


Gidgetknits said…
Oh, I love those socks! Which pattern? I also love those tea cosies. And the knitting needle case... in fact, a post with much to entertain my sight!
Bells said…
Love it all! I knitted with that Eki Riva yarn year before last - a lace scarf. Same colour and all and it was beautiful. Would not have thought of it for socks!
Hamlet & Co said…
That's just the sweetest shot of Julian
Christina said…
Love your tea cozies! Can't believe those knitting needles -- I've been looking for needles like that. Where in the world did you find them?

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