Simple Pleasures - Never Too Late

I just love it when people show me their cosies. And tell me their stories. This beaut story came this week with pictures.

One of the ladies in our office expressed a wish to learn to knit. She is in her thirties and had never learnt. So six of us have been meeting every week or so. We dusted off our knitting needles; found some very old fashioned knitting patterns (complete with dashing 1980’s style male models), and re-acquainted ourselves with knit, purl and drop one (or two or three).

I was given the Wild Tea Cosies for Christmas – a special request. It’s amazing how every individual will be attracted to a different pattern in the book. Our learner chose the NightCap pattern because it is garter stitch and she liked the blue, purple and red in the photo. We had a trip to our local yarn store (Threads and More).

Our learner was very concerned that a blue tea cosy would not match her kitchen, so we encouraged her to choose her favourite yarn to fit the kitchen. She chose the apple green (RichMore Percent 100/1 pure wool). From there it was a matter of picking colours to match in (or contrast in the case of the burgundy red). I think you will agree the finished effect is very striking. The red and wooden buttons set off the work. The pattern allowed our learner to practice knitting, learn increasing and decreasing, and joining colours.

Another of our ladies chose Wonder Weave and a textured Noro Yarn. The finished project is very individual and has a mighty fine pompom. She has since received orders from family members.

I chose licorice allsorts, mostly because I like the colours and because confectionery is such a yummy thing. It is knitted in Shepherd Colour 4 me yarns. Likewise I have had other family members interested in a tea cosy, but not the licorice allsorts – they seem to prefer something different from the Wild Tea Cosy book.

We continue to meet frequently and I’m sure the projects will come around to tea cosies again soon.

Thank you Loani for your inspiring book, pictures and patterns.
Annabel (Brisbane).

I get the odd lovely lovely letter. I've printed this one because it epitomises the joy of learning, teaching and playing together. So much gained from such a small silly thing - a tea cosy.

Thanks girls and thanks to all those who write to express their joy. For joy expressed out loud is joy shared far and wide.

Oh dear now I'm sounding like a Hallmark card. Too bad. What the heck!


Jacqui said…
I LOVE the green one and the comment that it was good for a learner to increase and decrease etc makes me think it is the one I've been waiting for - OK, I'm going do it!!

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