21 March 2014


Well here it is.  A new book.  Tea hea hea.  Who'd a thunk hey!  Yep.  We've gone all pretty.
She'll be released in Australia on the 25 June - One's birthday - remember it now.  One does love a lot of attention on One's birthday. Oh alright, One loves a lot of attention any day, except when One doesn't. 

She'll be released in the UK and EU in August and in America? Well I don't know yet.

Feeling pretty chuffed with Oneself.

11 March 2014

Posh Jacket

YES ! One spent the summer knitting a heavy fair isle woolen jacket.  But of course it was a very smart thing to do 'cos now it is ready for winter !  Ha !

This is the cover pattern for Vogue Knitting magazine about two issues ago.

What a dream to just knit to pattern.

One DID forget that One is taller than everyone else in the entire world and ought to have accommodated that fact in the length of the jacket.  A couple of extra inches wouldn't have hurt.

It hangs beautifully don't you think.

And it's not too bad from the back either.

Job done.
Bring on the cold weather.

05 December 2013

The Two Day Tea Cosy Workshop

2014 dates for the Two Day Workshop
Now OPEN for booking.

You will receive

Excellent Queen of the Tea Cosies tuition
Wool to die for and knit with
Scrummy lunch and morning and afternoon tea

The 'At Home' workshops on the Sunshine Coast are $220 per person.

Prices may vary with workshops held at other venues.

If you can knit a stitch, purl a stitch, cast on and off, then you can do this workshop!

The tea cosy is the perfect little project to learn a great number of knitty skills.

Read your knitting 
Knit in the round with the Magic Loop
Colour stranding - Fair Isle
Continental knitting
New ways to cast on
New ways to cast off
Simple maths of shaping
Learn to love knitting outside the square

May - Monday 5 and Tuesday 6
Inquiries and bookings at Lord Howe Island

May - Friday 16 and Saturday 17
"At Home" in the hills of Noosa.

May - Friday 30 and Saturday 31
"At Home" in the hills of Noosa

  • Email ME for the "At Home" workshops with your preferred dates 

July - Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 TBC
Ballina - in conjunction with the Portraits of a Tea Cosy Exhibition opening at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery.

14 October 2013

Tea Cosy Love In - Doonan October 2013

I dunno!  Really!  It is a lucky lucky girl that gets to knit and play and laugh with so many others that love to knit and play and laugh too.

And that lucky lucky girl is me. 

Here you are in action.

Pleased as punch.
Punch must have been very pleased indeed.

Helping each other

Hard at it.
It's a tough loife.

Loving our cosies.
Left to right

Shelley (from Sydney)
Elyse (from Sydney)

Gaylene (from Imbil, QLD)
Diane (from Cowra, NSW)

Hilary (from Leeds, England)
Heather (from Sydney)

Gay (from Yeppoon, QLD)
Liz (from Toowoomba, QLD)

Glenice (from Melbourne)
Deb (from Brisbane)

16 September 2013

Australian Holiday Workshops

The Sunshine Coast

October 2013

The "At Home" workshop is FULL with just over three weeks to meet and play with a new bunch of tea cosy nutters. 

Helloooooo.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

South Australia

November 2013

Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13

The Adelaide Workshop still has places.  Hurry now.  Email me
loani at me dot com
for all the details.

Lord Howe Island
New South Wales

May 2014

Monday 5 and Tuesday 6
Knit for two days.  Then dive, sail, climb, fish, sleep, sip cocktails for days and days.

Book with Oxley Travel

Be SURE to SAY "with the tea cosy workshop"

16 August 2013

Knitting Holiday in NOOSA - OCTOBER

Remember my 
April Tea Cosy Angels?

Here they are again.
Smiling their beautiful tea cosy smiles.

I have one last workshop scheduled for this year - here at home
The Two Day Tea Cosy Workshop

Friday 11 and Saturday 12. 
October 2013

9.30 - 4.30 each day.

Delish Morning and afternoon tea
a Scrummy lunch


all included in the price
$190 per person.

email me now for all the details.

there are only 2 of 8 places left.
Stay on for a lovely Noosa paradise holiday.

06 August 2013

His and Hers Uggies

The Bloke celebrates another birthday today.  We aren't singing "When I'm 64" anymore.

He wasn't an Uggy man when I met him but you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

He didn't like cats either. 

He insists he STILL doesn't like cats, that Wes DOESN'T prefer his lap to mine, that he definitely does NOT talk to him constantly through the day and anyway, Wes isn't really a cat.

And well here is another Dancing Tea Cosy for your amusement.

01 August 2013

Melbourne Tea Cosy Love In

First there was this...

a two day workshop at Opendrawer
in Camberwell on Monday and Tuesday.

You funny mob you.  I thought I had done you in as you dragged yourselves out the door on the last day of the workshop, shoulders bent, weary, drained of the will to live.  I thought, damn, I've done it now. Those women will never knit again.

BUT five of you bounced into the Craft and Quilt Fair two days later with your hearts bursting with tea cosy love, with smile muscles working again, to show your finished tea cosies, to introduce your friends and family, to restore my teacherly vim.

And then there was this.....

Wednesday, high tea at the lovely home of NotJustNat

Thank you thank you for having me at your place Nat. 

What a warm welcome to your home.
What a treat to meet your friends.
What a treat to see all your artful craft.

What a SPREAD!  Champagne.  Cucumber sandwiches.  Scones.  Cake.  Chocolate dipped strawberries.

Everything just so.  Perfect.

And then there was

The Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair.

Now that was truly a tea cosy love in.

Look at you! 

Thank you everyone who brought their cosies for show and tell.
Thank you everyone who just said hello.
Thank you to the lovely women who volunteered their time so I could eat (and wee)
Thank you to the strangers who recognised the mid afternoon flagging and supplied coffee and biscuits.

Canberra next.  Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair next week!!!

20 July 2013

Royal Melbourne Show - Tea Cosy SWAP

You have ONE WEEK to register for the 
Royal Melbourne Show
Tea Cosy SWAP

Submit your online entry at Art, Craft and Cookery page before the 26 July deadline.
Completed cosies are required to be delivered on 11 September.
Full details are in the competition Schedule

All tea cosies received will be displayed in the Art, Craft & Cookery Pavilion during the Royal Melbourne Show from 21 September – 2 October 2013.  Tetley will make a monetary donation to the McGrath foundation to help fund the work of breast care nurses for every tea cosy received.

Participants will enjoy the fun of receiving a different, surprise cosy in return for entering.

G'orn.  It'll be fun.

One will be in residence holding court (giving talks) on
26, 27 and 28 September.
One will have an original Queen of the Tea Cosies cosy in the swap with teapot and provenance - 
you might be the one to receive it.
One will choose One's favourite FOUR tea cosies wot will receive a little Queenly award and reward.

19 July 2013

Tibetan Tea Warriors

Introducing the 
Tibetan Tea Warriors - a KNITmation

Knitted objets d'art my moi
Video editing by Bob Blasdall of ThePOSTworks
for an exhibiton

Ah.  The things we do !

14 July 2013

Portraits of a Tea Cosy

Portraits of a Tea Cosy

... is up and running.

Hoorah!  Hooray!

Who'd a thunk?  A germ of an idea, perhaps even a gem of an idea, formed FIVE years ago.

A gallery director took us on TWO years ago.

And on Friday night - a Grand Opening at the Warwick Art Gallery, Warwick, Queensland.

Knitted Objets d'Art by MOI.

Photographic portraits by
Mark Crocker.

Audio stories by the Tea Cosy Guardians.

Knitmation - YES - a knitmation by Moi and that funny Bob Blasdall from thePostWorks.

What is a Knitmation?
Watch this space.

Sound editing by Colin Alley.
Some of the Tea Cosy Guardians - who had their portraits taken and told their stories - and came to celebrate on Friday night.

Thank you, you happy lovely people for sharing the times and people you have loved.
Partying, and looking, and sitting.

Thank goodness for fabulous friends who come from miles away to play.

Alex, Bob and Sal.
(yes all my friends are short arses)

 And thank goodness for The Bloke - moy bestest fwend in the world.


All is well with the world.

06 July 2013



The number of years One has taught at Sturt Winter School, Mittagong, Southern Highlands, NSW.


The number of times sisters Heather and Barbara have come to the Wild Knitting Class - double trouble for double knitting!  Thank you for coming again.  You can come again any time!


The number of times we pulled out and started again, the number of cleaver peaks, and well... nowhere near the number of laughs we had on the way.  Marilyn, you are a treat.

Introducing "Jester Cupper Tea "


The number we were until one absconded to WOODWORK before we'd even begun! You can't win 'em all.

The number of ideas there are in the world to surprise and delight.

Jo - quietly quietly you beavered away with the odd consult ... and then there was ....

"Loose Leaf Tree" !!!

The number of things we learned

* The Holy Cast On (because it is heavenly!)
* Knitting in the Round with the Magic Loop
* Continental Knitting
* The Long Tail cast on
* Kitchener cast off
* Fair Isle
* Sculptural Knitting
* Double Knitting
* "Reading" you knitting

Alex with her beautiful"Secret Garden"
Thanks Alex for the Cab(ernet) Sauv(ignon)  conversion.  Enjoy your new (old) lead light. And thank you for all the tea cosies :-)

The number of things One learned - which is that there is still so much to learn - but One knew that already - though a little reminding is in order every now and then.

The lovely Judy with her "Serendipity".  And another thing One learned - spiral cable from Judy.  Mind bending!  Oh and that is her pill box hat wot everyone made on the first day as a way of discovering the technical tricks listed above.


...as in never say never.  Sandra held steadfast in her mathematical calculations until an hour before the end on the last day when she spied that flaming yarn!

"Exuberance" was born!

As in "No Eggs Today" It was wool off a duck's back for the recycling Cas who ignored the synthetic polyfil bag and collected all our little scraps to stuff that bird.  AND she turned her pill box hat into a beautiful baby's bonnet.

I DO love Sturt Winter School.

28 April 2013

Doonan Darlings

They came

They knitted

They went

Six Sassy Sisters sat stitching for two days.

Yep, that's them...
Karen May
Joyce Su-lin
Jane Francis
Krystle Simone
Sandy Sue
Glenda Mary

Thank you for playing tea cosy so nicely with me in the hills of Doonan.

We learned.....

Slip knots
Long Tail cast ons
Knitting in the round with one set of circular needles
Knitting in the round with two sets of circular needles
Continental knitting
Fair Isle knitting
Picot hem
Kitchener Cast off

AND we....

Practiced our 8 times table.

There are a lot of smiles captured from last workshop and this.

What a treat you are - Wonderful Workshop Women.

Please do come again.